About Us

We are an e-learning management company, focused on providing Custom E-learning Solutions. Our uniqueness lies in the creativity of our solutions which is centered on the various approaches we use to ensure we create an effective learning experience for your employees. Our goal is to ensure learning is truly engaging, no matter how challenging it might be.

Dinnova is focused on executing on its customers’ expectations that learning technologies should be able to be used, consumed and deployed by anyone in the organization and on any device.

Our Approach

We drive change in your business- for the better!

We are passionate about improving your business performance through learning and technology. We understand that every learning program needs to drive change, which is why we start by understanding the change that you want to achieve, then we work to create that change using a wide variety of approaches to ensure we create effective, memorable and fun learning experience for your learners.


Our Team

We have the most talented team in the industry who always strive for high quality results. Our team comprises of experienced consultants, instructional designers, project managers, e-learning developers, and graphics & multimedia experts with demonstrable track record for delivering high quality, cost efficient projects.


What makes us different
All Our Courses Are Optimized For Mobile Learners Learners can learn anytime, anywhere and across all devices: iPads, Galaxy Tabs, Android phones, iPhone and other tablets.
We Deliver Quality Service We have a proven history of successfully delivering high quality service in a timely manner to meet deadlines, and our prices reflect the high quality services we provide.
Quick Turnaround Time Using the best-known instructional design model in the industry, we are able to rapidly deliver quality products in a short time frame.
We Invest In Innovative & Cutting-Edge Technologies We continue to explore and invest in cutting-edge technologies to allow us to better serve our clients.
We Live To Serve Our Customers Providing excellent customer service is very important to our business. We want our clients to have great experience partnering with us, that means- being honest, professional, responsive and committed.
We’re An Experienced Team We have the most talented team in the business. Our E-learning consultants are industry leaders in their chosen field. We have a demonstrable track record of delivering to the highest standard and quality.