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King’s Health Partners (KHP)– Skills Development Training


King’s Health Partners needed all clinicians working in South East London to have more than just excellent clinical knowledge and skills. In their words: “The problem is that most clinicians are too busy to undertake a full-time, or part-time Masters degree in Public Health, or they don’t feel the need to acquire all the knowledge and skills that a complete MPH degree course provides”. It is important for all clinicians who aspires to provide the highest standard of care or attain leadership roles to master at least the basics of the theory and practice of public health, leadership, strategic management and quality improvement. Considering the number of clinicians in South East London, they wanted a solution which will be relevant and accessible to them all.


Using a blended learning approach:

  • Starting with E-learning- Dinnova developed series of customized e-learning modules which looked at healthcare in England. We used a personalised approach to take each learner through the learning journey. Public health issues were communicated through series of real life video interviews with international leaders, academics and experts to give a realistic view and believable learning experience, engagement was maintained through interactive scenarios for learners to try their hands at best practices, modules included links to key recommended readings and academic papers for more in-depth inquiry, series of real-life video training exercises, powerful clinical and healthcare images, audio clips from voiceover artistes to create a social and inclusive learning experience, transcript were included for accessibility and assessment was designed to test learner’s knowledge and skills at the end of each course. All modules were accessible online from King’s learning platform via desktop, smartphone or tablet.
  • E-learning was further supplemented by classroom session which was devoted to debate, discussion, in-depth examination of case studies and work based projects.