Custom course design & development

With our custom e-learning courses, learners enjoy personalized online training experiences that facilitate comprehension and knowledge retention.

This is because we integrate a diverse range of e-learning activities, multimedia elements, and assessments to cater to a variety of learning needs. We tie every element of the e-learning course into on-the-job situations, challenges and processes that the learners might encounter on a daily basis by integrating activities that mimic your actual workplace. Activities may include case-studies, simulations, interactive scenarios, games and real life examples in order to show learners how they can apply what they learn from the virtual training environment in the actual working environment.

This way, employees are equipped with specific tools and information they need to do their job effectively, which leads to improved job performance.

Technologies Differentiate us

Our custom elearning courses are built using the most appropriate technologies for your specific project. 

Video & Photo


Improve Learning through Media

Graphics, photographs and videos are used to help with the teaching of complex concepts.

Studies have shown that learners retain more information, understand concepts more rapidly and are more enthusiastic about what they are learning using these approaches.

For more engaging e-learning with very rich media, we can cast direct video, voice over and photo shoots at a location of your choice.

Learning Games


Enhance Learning with Some Fun

Learning games are being used to relax learners and teach complex concepts effectively in trainings. Studies have shown that learners get more motivated and immersed into games in comparison to other classroom activities. Game based learning is a novel and interactive approach to learning. This makes it a complete learning package for learners irrespective of their age.

We can enrich your learning with games by converting complex scenarios of real world risk into learning games, allowing learners to practice skills they need in the workplace. Areas where learning games can be appropriate include induction training, compliance, sales, skills development, product knowledge, policies and procedures.