Training, Support and Consultancy

We build our relationship on Trust, Credibility & Expert Consultancy!


We provide training, support and consultancy in the following areas:


We know that you may choose to build your own e-learning in-house. We can help you get there by building your employees capability in major e-learning authoring tools. We can train your team to use any authoring tool of your choice and help them get started quickly with templates and layouts. We can also provide Administrator level LMS training for your appointed system administrator.

Our key training areas are:

  • Authoring tools training: Where skills are acquired through extensive practical hands-on experience of using major e-learning authoring tools
  • LMS Training: Where experience is gained through practical exercises


Our highly experienced support experts are there to convert your ideas into reality.
We can work with your in-house development team to help them find the right authoring tools for their project and/or support them through setting a clear direction for their project including developing a more strategic approach to e-learning, building customized e-learning templates, and providing guidance where necessary.
We can also provide support for any kind of LMS, whether open-source or proprietary LMS’s. Our LMS support service ranges from system configuration, set-up to maintenance.


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We’ll work with you to understand the challenges of your learners, the readiness of your organisation, how to leverage your existing technology and how best to introduce new technologies.

Our expert consultants are able to provide guidance at every phase, from scope and needs analysis to execution and maintenance, ensuring future sustainability and continuous improvement of your learning and development initiatives.