project showcase

J.S. Realty– Induction Training & Moodle LMS


J.S. existing induction program was stressful, time consuming and too expensive for the company. An efficient, cost effective computerised approach was needed to provide employees with a smooth entry into the company.


Two (2) needs were identified which would help J.S. reach her goal:

  • A custom corporate e-learning induction course
  • An effective learning management system (LMS) where learning performance can be analysed and tracked in real time by human resource (HR)

We designed the course into five distinct areas starting with a video of the CEO introducing the company and welcoming new employees on board to create a personalised feel. We used different techniques to engage with learners including decision-making scenarios, learning games to challenge learners with problem-solving activities- enabling them practice skills that may be required at work, along with effective assessment designed to test learners to see how well they have learnt.

We designed a customized Moodle LMS where new staff could access the induction course through their user account and take the course. Staff could access the platform on any type of device; desktop, tablets or smartphones and learn at their own pace and time. HR was able to effectively monitor each staff performance in real time and build reports.